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Introducing our law firm
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Introducing Our
Escrow Company

At Pacific Commerce Escrow Services, Inc., we are passionate about delivering exceptional settlement experiences that surpass your expectations. Our foundation of expertise, integrity and knowledge sets us apart in the closing process.


We strive to ensure complete satisfaction for all parties involved in the transaction, be it a buyer, seller, agent or lender.


Join us on our mission to raise the bar for escrow services.

Providing Escrow Services Since


"...They answer emails quickly and they even answer their phone...sad that so many companies these days make it impossible to get them on the phone.

They also  make all of my clients feel at ease during the escrow process which is huge for me. This team goes above and beyond and I refer them to everyone I know. I can guarantee...if you give them a try you absolutely will not be disappointed."​

"...I can't rave enough about their service!  They take ownership of the loans that I send to them, and on numerous occasions have helped me to save a transaction, by going above and beyond - and offering viable solutions.

LOVE them!"
"Alison Melendez-Muñoz is a problem solver, people person, and an experienced escrow officer. In addition, her great personality and communications skills created an environment conducive to solutions and common ground. Alison's impartiality made all parties feel they were treated fairly and with respect."

The Journey of an Escrow Transaction


Buyer and Seller
Agree to Terms. 

The first step is to open an escrow account with an escrow company. This is usually initiated by the buyer's real estate agent, who will submit a purchase agreement along with an earnest money deposit to the escrow company. The escrow company will then create an escrow account and provide instructions for the buyer and seller to follow.


Buyer and Seller Instruction Period

Once the escrow account is opened, the buyer and seller will receive a set of instructions to follow. The buyer will be instructed to deposit the balance of the purchase price into the escrow account, while the seller will be instructed to transfer the property title to the buyer. During this period, the escrow company will review the purchase agreement and ensure that all terms and conditions are met.


Title Search and Insurance

The escrow company will perform a title search to ensure that there are no liens or claims on the property. If any issues are found, the escrow company will work with the parties involved to resolve them. Once the title is clear, the escrow company will provide title insurance to the buyer to protect against any future claims.


Contingency Period

The buyer will have a set amount of time to perform inspections and investigations on the property, and to secure financing. During this period, the buyer may have the right to back out of the deal if any issues arise. If the buyer is satisfied with the results of their inspections and able to secure financing, the contingency period will end and the sale will move forward.



Once all of the conditions of the purchase agreement are met, the escrow company will arrange for the transfer of funds and title. The buyer will deposit the remaining balance of the purchase price into the escrow account, and the seller will transfer the property title to the buyer. Once all parties have signed the necessary documents, the escrow company will disburse the funds and close the escrow account. The buyer will then take possession of the property.

Not All Escrow Companies

Are The Same.

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